My Music Show


“Where words fail, music raises its voice. And that is precisely the point of NDTV-Hindu’s upcoming music show Strike a Chord. This half-hour musical journey of Western, global, fusion, and folk music delves into the styles of eclectic musicians visiting Chennai; involves impromptu jam sessions between the anchor, Nirupama, and the musicians she interviews; explores unusual instruments; and discovers music in corners of our city where you’d least expect it. On the show, Nirupama also explores music-making away from the confines of the stage, and in the context of the street, village settings, churches, open spaces – Music was not meant to be limited to the restricted space of a stage, it was meant to fill the air, to envelope the atmosphere, to bring people together, bridging the gap between musician and audience.”

One of the shows I host/produce is a wee little music show called Strike a Chord. Interviewing incredible musicians, and jamming with them – does life get any better? Not for me. Some of the musicians included Gypsy Jazz guitarist Titi Robin; Australia’s leading didgeridoo artist William Barton; Chennai’s own Ghatam Karthick (who is currently working with A.R. Rehman); guitar legend Guthrie Govan – the list goes on, and on, (and on), but you’ll just have to stop reading, and give it a listen.

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