I’ve said many, many goodbyes in my time – I think we find ourselves repeating that terribly ominous sounding word consistently, our whole lives. We start rather young, by saying goodbye to the comfort of the womb.  Soon, it’s goodbye to diapers, in exchange for the [less convenient] regular big girl underwear.  At the tender age of 3, we say goodbye to mummy, as she heartlessly abandons us at the front gate of Rainbow Nursery Playschool (yes, this was a particularly traumatic experience for me). Mother tells me she would leave me, sitting hopelessly in the corner, clutching onto my Scooby doo lunch box, and would return a few hours later to find me in the exact same spot, still holding on to my lunch box, the only difference being my tear stained cheeks.

Life is cruel.

In kindergarten, goodbyes weren’t any easier for me. So, much like army officers who go away to war leaving their sweethearts behind, I developed the habit of carrying a tiny passport sized photograph of my mother to school, to tide me over through those long, hard, pre-school days.  Mum also got me a musical card that played “You are my sunshine” when you opened it.  Equipped with my survival kit – a musical card and a passport sized photograph –  I was able to brave the storm.

I thought I had weathered the worst that life had to offer, that it was all smooth sailing from then on. But no. They don’t tell you in pre-school, that life’s all uphill from there.

Soon it’s goodbye to the family as you set off for college, goodbye to your high school sweetheart, goodbye to university as you are flung out into the cold, heartless real world, goodbye to the shelter and comfort of being a useless student (man, I could really use another one of those musical cards around now).

I’ve said goodbye to travelers I’ve met along my journeys, goodbye to cities that started to feel like home, goodbye to friends and loved ones who live on the other side of the ocean…as I type now, I’m left wondering when my next goodbye will be.

Well, for now, it’s goodbye to Devon, as I set sail (or rather jump on the bus) to New York.  Bye bye Devon – helloo Mr. Taranto and Ms. Ransom …

New York: Coming Soon

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Looking for meaning and purpose. Has resorted to eating.
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4 Responses to Goodbye

  1. Avi says:

    WHAT?! WHAT?! Explain…

  2. Siva says:

    Wow! Very nice recap of goodbye’s from majority of the people in the world. I like it🙂

  3. Balaji says:

    It was just another day, while skimming through the tv I wound up watching your tv show, and your blog was featured on it..
    This actually is the first blog ,I’ve read, but I have to say ,I am intrigued!
    Love all the word play,tit bit s and anecdotes from your personal life.. As an adolescent teen just saying good bye to school, this article seemed very heartfelt to me.. And since I am a total “foodie”, this, am sure is going to be an epic read..!!
    your newest fan
    P.S.- sorry for all the personal ranting..🙂

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