Why hello. Thanks for clicking ‘about’. You seem pretty nice. Yes, those are my feet. I’m glad you decided to pop by.

I do a couple things, mostly revolving around music food and television. I play music, eat food, write about eating food, take photographs, don’t watch too much television, but work in television. And I travel and scuba dive, since the ocean is a far more awesome world than the one above sea level.

Feel free to snoop around my thoughts musings and photographs!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

10 Responses to About

  1. Sangu says:

    You failed to mention that you love me.

  2. Usha Bopanna says:

    Love your take on life….go! go! go!

  3. Mohan Gajapathy says:

    u really have gone a long way!!!! keep rocking macha …. wanna live ur way of life😦 so jealousy abt u😦

  4. hmm… some one who tries to listen to his heart n wanders in the search of is/her soul has to wander far n wide before realizing that it was right beside what he was searching for…
    Real things aren’t that real!

    All the best!

  5. Arun says:

    Hey Niru… Your shows really rocking…i am too on the same lane stepping into various culinary house for taste and a change.Wish you a good time with ur forth coming shows. By the way y from canada to india…(Seraching for something and still searching… Any luck you found? Is that me u seraching for LOL….Just kidding Niru.) Bye for now.. Reaally like your shows. Keep going dear.

  6. samkumar says:

    wonderful writing, Nirupama… your love for fine food and good music jumps out of your musings. keep up the good work.

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